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Certified Organic Cacao Beans

Certified Organic Cacao Beans

Cacao Beans are packed full of nutrients like antioxidants, magnesium, and bliss chemicals. You get all the yummy bits of a great quality dark chocolate hit without the sugar and chemicals found in your average chocolate bar.

Raw Cacao Beans Nutritional Facts

Chocolate has 400 distinct flavour compounds - that's 200% more than any other food! .

Cacao Power Organic Cacoa Beans have an anti-oxidant (ORAC) score of 95,500. To put that into perspective, that's 14 times more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, 21 times more than green tea, and 7 times more than even dark chocolate!

Magnesium is the most common deficient major mineral even following a balanced diet - it is estimated that over 80% of Australians are chronically lacking.

Cacao contains high levels of magnesium - possibly being the best food source for magnesium available.

Magnesium aids the absorption of calcium in the body assisting the formation of teeth and bones. It is useful for maintaining healthy heart health - stabilising heart rhythm and blood pressure and preventing abnormal clotting. Magnesium aids healthy muscle function helping muscles relax and preventing cramping - for women magnesium can help to reduce premenstrual and menstrual cramps.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) found in cacao products is an adrenal-related chemical that is created within the brain and released when we fall in love, and also help increase focus and alertness

Pure raw cacao seems to diminish appetite - likely as a result of it's unusual MAO inhibitors that allow more serotonin and other neurotransmittors like anandamide (the bliss chemical) to circulate in the brain, precipitating a rejuvenating effect.

Cacao beans, nibs and powder contain no sugar and have a fat content lower than most other nuts.

The Kuna Indians of the Panamanian Islands consume significant amounts of high-flavonol cacao; they also have extremely low blood pressure that doesn't climb as they age.

Some facts about the way mass produced chocolate is made 

Cacao is often sourced from cheap tropical countries like Africa that have the dreaded Capra beetle. When this cacao arrives in Australia, quarantine treats that cacao aggressively with methylbromide gas fumigation and irradiation to kill any remnants of the insects.

Pure Cacao Power products are sourced from South America which does not have this pestilent insect and is CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Australian Leader ACO , ensuring that you get what you're paying for in a superfood.

Cacao Power Organic Cacao BeansThe Cacao beans are selected carefully and processed at low temperatures so that all the nutrients are preserved.

It's a guaranteed premium product with:

  • NO heavy metals
  • NON irradiated
  • NO petrochemical fertilizers
  • NO genetically modified organisms (GMO's)

How to Eat Certified Organic Raw Cacao Beans - Essentially Raw Pure Chocolate

Peel cacao bean (optional) then eat as is or grind with coffee, or crush and add to smoothies, icecream, muesli, cookie batter or trail mix.

Cacao Beans Nutrient Profile

Serving Size 15g
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