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Unhealthy Habits - Smoking

It has been said that “If you don’t drink and you don’t smoke, you don’t actually live longer – It just feels like it!”

  • However besides sugar, these are two of our unhealthiest habits/pleasures.
  • A lungful of cigarette smoke contains a trillion oxidants.
  • Smokers look older because oxidants damage both the inside and the outside of the body. Wrinkled, saggy skin is largely linked to a loss of collagen.
  • The body requires Vitamin C to make collagen – Each cigarette depleted 35mg of Vitamin C.

Tips for Quitting

Cigarettes are designed to be addictive. Nicotine is one of over 230 chemicals found in cigarettes, many of which mess up the blood sugar balance. When your blood sugar level falls 20 mins after you last cigarette, you crave another.

  • 200mg of Chromium per day can help stabilise blood sugar and reduce cravings.
  • 2000mg of Vitamin C cuts your risk of cancer by 33% if you smoke.
  • 200mcg of Selenium is a powerhouse protector for smokers and recovering smokers.
  • Take 50mg of Niacin (Vitamin B3) while you are quitting & for 1 month after – a chelator to help remove toxins.

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