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Unhealthy Habits - Alcohol

Alcohol is such an integral part of our lifestyle it is often considered “hands off” in health discussions.

In fact it is a powerful and destructive toxin when overused (more than 7 standard drinks per week). Here’s some facts:

  • Beer has a glycemic index (GI) of 110 – nothing makes you fatter or stresses your pancreas more! (i.e. Maltose vs. Glucose)
  • Red wine and white wine are less fattening but contain sulphites and other additives. However, red wine contains highly protective anthocyanins. 
  • Apple cider contains high levels of phenolic anti-oxidants associated with cancer & stroke protection.

Tips for Drinkers

  • Alcohol dehydrates the body & precious brain cells – Drink a glass of water with each glass of alcohol
  • Alcohol destroys nutrients in the body so take a B group vitamin supplement and multi-vitamin/mineral before drinking.
  • Here’s a hangover cure that works:
    - First drink 3 glasses of water, then take 5 grams of Glutamine powder (heaped teaspoon). Take 1000mg of Vitamin C every 2 hours and drink fruit or vegetable juice during the day.

Mimicking Alcohol

There is a natural way to achieve that alcohol buzz without all the problems.

  • Drinking alcohol releases dopamine – a stimulant followed by endorphin – a mood elevator and then GABA which makes you relax.
  • Unfortunately the euphoria is then often replaced by anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance and/or headache.
  • Euphoria recipe: 
    - 100mg 5-HTP
    - 600mg TMG
    - 250mg Sceletium
    Promotes a natural connection via a healthy balance of neurotransmitters

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