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Dump the Junk

Adopt a detox protocol as routine part of a protective lifestyle

In a world with 74,000 registered chemicals and their countless cocktails, there is no choice: -

Top Five Detox Foods

  • Coriander – more powerful than EDTA to chelate and remove heavy metals.
  • Garlic – along with onions & leeks, garlic contains sulphur-based compounds which are key players in phase 1 detoxification.
  • Tropical Fruit – pineapple, paw paw, lychees & blueberries – cram packed with antioxidants to neutralise the residuals from toxins.  

Identify and eliminate excesses and allergens.

Wheat, Dairy & Sugar can be both problem excesses and allergens. Eggs, Corn, Soy & Peanuts are common allergens.

Analyse your input of the sensitive seven.
Reduce excesses by limiting yourself to no more than 2 servings of wheat, dairy & added sugar a day.

Identify allergens with an elimination diet. I.e. Remove the food from your diet for 10 days, reintroduce & monitor response.

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