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FAQ's Leakproof Period Underwear

 Why are White Nights bloomers white?

Even though we made sure the design would minimise areas susceptible to staining, the fabric they are made from is actually STAIN RESISTANT! We are so confident in this that we decided to make our bloomers white. Also, pads and tampons are white so thought we'd follow suit, and apparently white is the most popular underwear colour. We do plan on making more colours in the future however.

Do they make noise when you move? Will it look like I am wearing a diaper?

Due to the nature of the fabric, and the thinness of the laminate, White Nights are very light and comfortable. They will not make noise when you walk and do not look like diapers or nappy covers. They really do look and feel like normal underwear!

Can I wear White Nights bloomers during the day?

Of course you can! White Nights are comfortable and discreet enough to be worn at any time of the day.

Can I wear White Nights without any other menstrual protection products?

Whilst White Nights will protect you for a short period of time without additional menstrual products, heavy or long term bleeding will need more to absorb into than just your underwear. However, in case of emergencies such as "aunt flo" coming to town and catching you by surprise with no pads or tampons handy, its a good idea to keep a pair of White Nights in your handbag or bedroom drawer, as they will protect you long enough until you can go out and buy some. 

Are White Nights bloomers suitable for heavy post natal bleeding?

Absolutely! White Nights bloomers are great for the post natal period and the heavy bleeding that can accompany such a time. Although you will still have to change your menstrual pads frequently, White Nights will offer you the comfort of knowing you (and your clothing) are protected from overflow mishaps!

Are White Nights bloomers suitable for light incontinence?

Yes! In fact a lot of the new range incontinence underwear are made from material similar to White Nights. If you have minor incontinence issues, and want some extra peace of mind, White Nights are a great option for additional protection when worn along with incontinence pads.

What style are White Nights bloomers?

Currently White Nights bloomers are a "bikini" style brief, however future styles will include a "classic" cut, and a "full" brief. We are interested to know of our consumers preferences for the shape/cut/style of our bloomers, so if you have time please email us your thoughts!

Do White Nights bloomers come in larger sizes?

Yes! We are currently broadening our range to include sizes up to a 24. If you are interested in one of these larger size please email us and we will contact you when they become available. Otherwise, check back here soon!


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